The picture above was taken shortly after the theatre opened in 1928.
The pictures below are from the area around the aquarium that is in the lobby. The aquarium was removed, and "disappeared", during a previous restoration attempt. It was located, and returned to it's original position in the theatre. My dad and I had to completely rebuild this area, as it had been demolished in 1982. The pictures below show some parts of the area surrounding the aquarium. Hopefully this area will be restored to the original one of these days.
The picture above shows this area as it appears today. The pictures below are construction shots from 1989.
The image below shows a doorway and arch that we built to the left of the aquarium. You can also see the large bracket we built and installed supporting the large beam. The carved "wooden" beam is actually plaster. The bracket and beam are strictly ornamental, and do not actually support anything. There is very little wood in the theatre. Plaster is fireproof, and therefore much more desirable in a theatre (or anywhere, for that matter), for safety concerns. There are about a dozen of the huge "wooden" beams in this part of the lobby. At the top center of this photo you can see a twisted rod that we built of plaster. Of course they look like they are made of brass after they were painted. "Burglar bars" constructed using a similar technique can be seen if you click on the link at the beginning of this sentence.
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