click on this image to open a new window with the drawing of the new fire exit surrounds.
Image above (061805) is a detail of the original Aztec Theater curtain done in 1926. Designed by Herbert Barnard, and painted by Volland Scenic Studios of St. Louis.

The Aztec is being restored at this time by EuroAlamo. Drury Southwest is providing the leadership team to make this happen. I am restoring all of the original theatre's ornamentation.

The Aztec last operated as a theatre in about 1992, but it was lacking any significant upkeep for many years before that. These pictures will give you an idea of the style incorporated in the decor of the Aztec.
Above is a bas relief mural (roughly eight foot wide by ten foot high) on the wall at the landing that would be at the top of the stairs shown at the lower center of the drawing below.
click on this image to open a new window with the full size drawing.
Above is another photo from the original blueprints. This is part of the south wall in the lobby area. Below is a photo of one of the masks shown in the upper left hand side of the drawing above. You can click on the image above to open a new window with the full size drawing
The picture above was snapped in June, 2005.

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fire curtain

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ticket lobby

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click on the images below to enlarge from August 2005....

part of the main lobby
looking up





bracket before
and after repaint

plaster mural north

copyright 2005.
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