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The image below is a photo that I snapped right after I put my interpretation of the city crest in place in May of 1994. It is hung directly behind the Mayor's chair (at that time Nelson Wolff was Mayor).

CLICK on this image to go to the modeling work for the San Antonio City Crest created by T.M. Battersby (Apr 1994)
This ornament was modeled and cast in a period of six weeks from the time I was asked to create it. I worked forty two straight days. It was modeled using clay, plaster, and wood.
Cisi Jary and Pam Rosser decorated it with a liberal application of 23k gold leafing, glazing, and the polychromes, before I hung it.
There are pictures of the model under construction if you click here.
Councilpeople at the time included Roger Perez, Ruth Jones McClendon, Linda Billa Burke, Henry Avila, Juan F. Solis III, Helen Ayala, Bob Ross, Bill Thornton, Howard W. Peak, and Lyle Larson. Alexander Briseno was City Manager, J. Rolando Bono Assistant City Manager, and Rebecca Waldman Senior Management Coordinator. The Director of the Department of Planning was David W. Pasley.
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