The image below is a small portion of the coffered ceiling in the San Antonio City Council Chamber. This photograph was taken from the floor thirty five feet below. Each octagonal coffer is about four feet across. The rosette in the centers is twenty eight inches diameter. There are one hundred twenty nine of these coffers in the ceiling. Each of these were cast individually on the ground, and then hung in place during the time of the original construction.
Battersby Ornmntl recast and replaced about one dozen of the large rosettes. They are unusual in that they are done in a five sided pattern. Most of the ornaments I have seen have been multiples of four. Many of the rosettes needed to be resecured as they were near falling out due to workers stepping on them while in the crawl space above. There is an image published here below that shows a rosette as it was cast by Battersby Ornmntl.
The smaller diamond shaped coffers are each about sixteen inches across. In their centers a floral design appears with a stylized artichoke hanging down. Many of these were missing, and we recast and replaced them. These smaller coffers were put into place after the larger coffers were hung, connecting them. In the area above the mayor and council members' seating, downlighting was specified by the architects, Rehler, Vaughan, Beaty & Koone, Inc. This presented a serious problem due to the fact that the area above these small coffers was very restricted with the channel iron and hanger wire structure securing the large coffers. The light cans for the high tech halogen lighting were too tall and too wide to fit. I solved this problem by implanting spreader bars in the structure above, and removing the centers of the small coffers. Then I remodeled this area to accept the square recessed  light fixtures. When I cast these new pieces stainless steel bolts were cast in to receive the fixtures. The end result was a nice clean installation.
Through the years many areas in the ceiling had been damaged from leaking plumbing above. All of these areas were duplicated and replaced, or repaired in place freehand.
Cisi Jary and Pam Rosser regilded and repainted all the polychromed areas on the ceiling and the entire lobby.
looking up 35 feet at part of the coffered ceiling
Above is a view looking up at part of the coffered ceiling that was regilded and painted by Cisi Jary and Pam Rosser. Some of the rosettes served as diffusers for the air conditioning system.
This is one of the rosettes as it was cast by Battersby Ornmntl. 28" diameter.
a reproduction of one of the rosettes
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