This page contains some pictures of the embellishments at the Empire after they have been restored by Restoration Associates and Battersby Ornamental. There are several of these pages, and other pages with construction and pre restoration photos.
There is a link near the bottom of this page to the Restoration Associates website.
The photo above is looking at the box seat surround, then looking up on the left at the underside of the first balcony. On the right is part of the upper box seat area, house left. Near the bottom, you see the Bacchus that I replaced, after removing one of the originals to reproduce for placement at the outside of the theatre above the front doors. The large bracket at the upper left is the one that I replaced, after removing the original to reproduce for placement at the rear of the theatre. All of the eggs at the top center were reproduced and replaced after modifications were made to the balcony face allowing placement of the light bar that you see in this photo (top center). And, of course, the gold leaf and paint work you see here by Cisi Jary and her crew, is even more stunning when you see it in person.  The photo below is looking up at the bottom of one of the box seat balconies. And, again, these photos do not allow the full effect to be shown. You have to see this theatre in person, it really is a jewel.
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