This photo was taken by John Dyer a few weeks before the restoration was complete, and the theatre opened. The photo was taken for the back page of the program that was used on opening night. There is at least one representative from each of the different crews. There are other pages with pictures of the finished restoration, pre restoration photos, as well as a page with an index of all the photos on my pages.
In the photo above, from left to right, top then bottom:
Mike Battersby (Battersby Ornamental), Cisi Jary and her daughter Pamela Rosser (Restoration Associates), Ruben ?? (Travis Paint), and Fox Gibson (Fire Sprinkler System).
Juan Valdez (installation of new woodwork), Robert Denny (Cappadonna Electric), Leo Heinrich (superintendent, M.J. Boyle General Contractors), and Mark Hall (Tezel and Cotter).
The photo is taken from the top of the first balcony, house right. Most of the scaffolding had already been removed, but you can still see the complexity of the scaffolding.
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