The eagle was removed many years ago, and put into storage. The copper eagle has a wing span of about six feet. Some repair work, and cleaning with a walnut shell blast, was done in 1994, and he was placed back on his original perch on the canopy above the front doors on St. Marys St. The eagles on the brick wall are terra cotta.
The photo below was provided courtesy: Jack Judson, The Magic Lantern Castle Museum. This photo was brought to my attention by Ed Gaida. Thanks to Ed, and Jack, for allowing me to use it here.
I took the photo below for Bryan Krefft at, from across the street. Be sure to click to visit Bryan's website if you would like some great info on theatres from around the world. At the bottom of the page is a shot of me holding the eagle, and you can get a better perspective on size.
Too bad this photo (scan) didn't come out better. You can get an idea of the detail hammered into the copper, and the size.
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