The illustration above, and the two below, are
photographs of photographs that were taken
shortly after the Majestic opened on
June 14, 1929.
This bronze stands in the lobby at the Majestic Theatre, in San Antonio, Texas. The signature on the base is Harriet W. Frishmuth, and it is dated 1928. The title is: "Sweet Grapes". The bronze is about five feet tall.
In the photo below, (06-28-02), you can see some of the new work that I am doing to replicate the original ornamental plaster surround that is pictured above. The original was removed, along with the statue, in the 50s, to make room for a popcorn stand / candy counter. The statue was replaced during the 1989 restoration, but funds were not available at that time to replace the plaster. I am reproducing this work from the 1930s photos. Installation will begin in the first week of August, 2002.
Above, left to right:

Cisi Jary,
(polychromist on this project,

Jeanne Camacho Albrecht, (publicist for the project)


Pamela Rosser, (polychromist, Cisi's daughter)

Michael Castillo, (executive director,
Click one of the nine construction photos below, to open a window with a large size file of that photo. Broadband connections are great for these files.

The construction photos above are from June 2003,
below are from January 2003.

The construction photos above are from January 2003,
below are from August 2002.


the bronze, "Sweet Grapes",

by Harriet Whitney Frishmuth,


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