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Image above (102007)
is basic armature mounted on table.

First step in the execution of the cartouche
for the new Growcock residence.

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Image above (102107)
is armature mounted on table with metal lath attached.
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Image above (103107)
is several days later, with much progress -

stacked quadruple volutes at the head,
and, the mirrored volutes in the groin.

Belly has the scratch coat applied.

The image below was scanned from a Polaroid snapshot,
taken in about 1990.

This piece of work was commissioned by Dr. and Mrs. Growcock
for their former family residence in Hill Country Village, Texas.

Top to bottom is about four feet.
It is positioned about thirty feet above the ground
on the front gable of this home.

This work is composed of metal lath, channel iron,
cement, lime, and sand.

It was copied from a three and a half inch drawing, on page XIV,
of my copy of Franz Meyer's "Handbook Of Ornament".

It was executed on the table, in my shop,
and then planted on the gable end at the Growcock Residence,
and remains today, with a natural cement finish.
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