This is a view from the floor of part of the vertical section of the proscenium arch stage left, and part of the vertical section of the house right box surround. On the right side of this image the corner of the house right balcony box can be seen. At the bottom you can just see the corner of stage left. In the proscenium arch the cartouche at the bottom is a reproduction by Battersby Ornmntl to replace the one that was missing. The original was either damaged in the Great Flood or by traffic on the stage (ditto at stage right). The second cartouche in the stack (about ten ft up from stage) is also a reproduction, as the original was removed by Battersby Ornmntl as a model for refinement and slight alterations before placement above the ticket kiosk in 1992. There is an image at the bottom showing a larger view of this area as it appeared in 1989.
proscenium arch stage left and part of the balcony level box seat area
proscenium arch stage right in 1989
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