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The photo below was taken by John Dyer in his studio just before my dad Tom, (Mar 27 1928 - Apr 08 1992), passed away from cancer. This is probably the last photo taken of him. Tom was born in the year construction began on the Majestic, and his father, Charlie, worked on the theatre as a plasterer. The Lynn Ford Craftsman Award was a big surprise for us, when the San Antonio Conservation Society called, and Tom always claimed that the Majestic restoration was his all time favorite project.
The image below shows one side of the trophy, closer. On the other sides, is a list of names of the recipients of this award. We are very honored to receive this award, and are in quite good company. Some of the others receiving the award are: Cisi Jary (for work at St. Mary's Church downtown San Antonio in 19??), Isaac Maxwell (he is the first name listed on the trophy in 19??), worked alongside Lynn Ford, and actually built the trophy. Isaac told me that the three elements appearing on the trophy symbolized the mediums (plaster, wood, and metal) that Lynn Ford worked in. Victor Salas received the award a few years after us. And, I will research to get the names of the others, and add them here soon. Nancy Pawel - 2002.
Below is a photo of part of the paperwork that we received in 1990. The glass distorted the image a little. My dad also received one of these with his name, Thomas Richard "Tom" Battersby, and they were very nicely framed.
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