The slide shown directly below was put together by Sarah Reveley. It illustrates the progression of one area at the balcony face, from demo work, to rosette and egg installation, to the powdered paint application by Restoration Associates. I'll try to get a shot of this area in it's finished state next time I'm at the Empire.
I snapped the photos below, with a cardboard throwaway camera, a few weeks before the restoration was complete, and the theatre opened. There are other pages with pictures of the finished restoration, and pre restoration photos. The two photos below show an area before and after my part of the restoration.
The photo below was taken by Butler Stevens, and then scanned. Several dozen of these egg and tulip castings were reproduced and installed by Battersby Ornamental. The original embellishments were removed by battorn in order to allow for gaurd rail installation at the balcony face. The M. J. Boyle crew needed room to access the theatre's superstructure and facilitate the welding process.
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