This image on the left is a cartouche that was removed from the horizontal portion of the proscenium arch and used as a model to reproduce replacements for elements that were either damaged or removed in the vertical portion of same. This ornament was originally cast in 1914 in Hannibal Pianta's shop, and has had all of the original paint removed. The ornament on the right is the one that was refined and altered slightly by Battersby Ornmntl to adapt it for use on the theatre's exterior above the ticket kiosk. A large "E" was carved in the center.
this is an original cartouche from 1914
this is the cartouche that Battersby modified for placement outside above the ticket kiosk
this is the cartouche produced and replaced by Battersby and redecorated by Restoration Associates
two maidens at center stage
pictures of the finished decoration
more pictures of the finished decoration
jesters in elevator
part of proscenium arch and house right box surround
large bracket
square capital
mask at orchestra level box
example of old paint at empire
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