The picture above shows part of the kitchen. Most unusual vent hood I have ever done. Apologise again for the image quality.

Below is two shots looking into the powder room. Ten inch thick solid stone countertop with sink bowl cut into the stone is enclosed in a large niche with unusual fluting and two smaller niches at back of the main niche.
Below are two shots looking into the library. A small fireplace and the veigas.
Below a snapshot of the Great Room. Looking up, thirty feet to the octagonal cap in the clerestory, and out to the pool area. The dark flagstone extends throughout the residence.
Below another snapshot of the Great Room. Looking into the library. Eight eleven foot columns define the perimeter of the octagonal space. Two of the four fireplaces are in this shot, you can stand in the firebox of the large one. The fireplace and columns are portland cement on brick, all of the "flatwork" is three coat on metal lath and channel iron. The new oldschool.
copyright 2006.
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