The Express Publishing Co. was founded in 1865, within weeks of the end of the Civil War.
The Express News Building was erected in 1929 by Mr. Frank G. Huntress. Designed by Herbert S. Green, it was a scaled down copy of the Chicago Tribune Building, done in the Modern American Style.
The eight story tower is capped with a two story octagonal spire. The eighth floor is currently occupied by Lawrence Walker, publisher of the Express News. The eighth floor is capped by an octagonal clerestory.
The seventh floor houses the conference room. During the early sixties a dropped ceiling was installed that concealed the ornate coffered ceiling. Installation of the dropped ceiling required the use of hanger wires for the ceiling gridwork. Penetrations were made at all the strategic locations for the wires. About four dozen rough holes appeared to be made with little concern for the elaborate embellishments in place there. The restoration required us to make quite a number of brushed in place polyurethane molds. Replacement pieces were then cast, shaped, and then reassembled like a jigsaw puzzle. The only image available at this time is a photo taken before I started the restoration. Soon I will be adding others, including the finished product. You can see this image by clicking here.
The walls in this area are decorated with front page plates from presses around the world from Oct. 29, 1929. The New York Stock Exchange was crashing.
On the corner of Third and Avenue E, above the front doors, flanked by two immense eagles, is a frieze cut in Bedford limestone, representing the ideas of journalism. Created by Pompeo Coppini, a New York Sculptor, it is titled The Enlightening of the Press. Six huge lifelike figures represent labor, education, knowledge, enlightenment, truth, and justice. A large globe is in the center and Education points to San Antonio. Lines to the figures represent the telegraph. The woman representing Knowledge holds a star in her right hand.
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