The Thomas residence was built in the 1920s in Old Enfield, Austin, Texas. In 1992, Donald Moraweitz, MoBar Plaster Contractors, brought me a box of shattered plaster. The box contained hundreds of broken pieces.
The image below is a casting resulting from the reassembly of these pieces. This photo was taken in my home where I installed a copy of the Thomas centerpiece.
I have used this same piece in smaller rooms, by eliminating the two outer detail rings (the rope and the tongues). And even smaller rooms by also eliminating the next ring in (the leaf / tulip ring). It can diminish even further by eliminating more rings.
The next image is a sample of the crown mold from the Thomas dining room. This piece was run "on the bench" in my studio. At the Thomas residence it was all run "in place". When this mold profile is run, scored pockets are left to receive the embellishments, which are cast in sections about two feet long, and then planted. You can see these pockets at the left  in this photo.
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